What is raail? What is xytek? What is Protek?

This may be a lot of information to absorb, especially getting hit with all these different names at once: raail, xytek, protek. So what exactly is all this stuff?
Let’s start off with Raail. What exactly is raail? Raail is the company that sells two different types of liquid wrap coatings – xytek and protek. Although these two coatings may be very similar, they are also very different. Raail’s protek is an entry level coating which is made to be very user friendly to the DIY consumer. It can be sprayed through a regular entry – level turbine spray system such as the Dip Your Car Dip Sprayer System or even the graco 2901.
So moving on, what is xytek?
Xytek on the other hand is for more experienced users. Xytek will lay smoother than protek but requires much more expensive equipment to spray properly. Xtyek also offers a gloss coating which can mimic OEM –like finishes. Xytek is more expensive than protek however protek was priced competitively towards the DIY market to compete with Halo EFX and Plasti Dip.

Both Xytek and Protek can be used with any pearls to achieve virtually any color you wish. Raail also sells color drop-ins which you can add for pre-mixed effortless color choices. Whether you choose to go with Protek or fork up the extra cash to go with Xytek, I’m sure you will be pleased with the results.

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