What is Halo EFX? – Removable Coating Introduction

With the removable coatings industry growing at a lightning fast pace, the question “What is Halo EFX?”begs to be answered.  I’ll start by letting you know that it is in fact a removable coating and its main selling point – like plasti dip is that it comes off.

So why the heck should I buy it?

Racking up at $58 per gallon for the clear and $65 to $70 MSRP for colored gallons, you might wonder what makes it worth buying over plasti dip (Halo EFX vs Plasti Dip). The simple answer is the feel. According to many users who have tried both products, almost all of them prefer the feel of Halo EFX over any other removable coating. Many users have used descriptions such as “it feels like vinyl” when describing the feel of Halo EFX.

So now for the all-important second question: What is Halo EFX’s reaction with pearls?

The answer to this is VERY simple. Halo EFX works with pearls the same way you would expect plasti dip to. You mix the same amount in a gallon of Halo EFX as you would in a gallon of Plasti Dip. Halo EFX will be slightly more reflective and shiny than standard matte plasti dip. If you’re looking for a satin finish, Halo EFX is probably the right coating for you. It is comparable to a mixture of half glossifier and half matte clear plasti dip.


halo efx delta chameleon pearl
@queenofvqnyc’s G37 Convertible in Kandy Pearls Delta Nano pearl in Halo EFX

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