Community Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines are important. Every community needs them. Without rules, there’s anarchy and that’s what we don’t want. Here are the rules as follows…

First off I wanted to say thank you to every single person in this group whether you’re an well-established professional installer or someone who just found out what plasti dip is and started messing around with it. As we break 4,000 members I think it is important to have a clear set of rules which will be strictly enforced. The rules will be as follows:

1) Harassment/bullying – The harassment or bullying of another member will not be tolerated. This includes rude or comments directed at another or name calling. First offense will be a warning in the form of deleted comments/deleted post/ or a personal message explaining the issue. Second time it’s a permanent ban.

2) Illegal activity – Self-explanatory, this includes asking another member to unlawfully ship you goods.

3) Repeat questions – If your question is already answered in the FAQs (View Here) it will be deleted. Do yourself a favor and read the FAQ’s, they’re there for a reason.

4) Staying on topic – Be respectful to the OP and keep the comments on topic. Threads that go off topic may be deleted. If a single person becomes a problem leading threads off topic, they will receive a warning and possibly a ban for future offenses. If a post is created about ‘PRODUCT A,’ you MAY NOT bring up any other products in that post.

5) Irrelevant posts – any irrelevant posts will be deleted.

6) No personal FOR SALE ads in this group – due to the nature of the product and in the best interest of all the members, sales here will be strictly prohibited. 85% full to you may not look 85% full to person who receives it. There will however be a for sale group created with STRICT rules to protect both the sellers and the buyers where you will be allowed to list your stuff for sale.

7) Approved vendors – this is NOT an open marketplace. To cut down on the newcomers joining the community solely for the purpose of selling their product and providing no benefit for the community and its growth, there will be an approved vendors list. This will apply to all newcomers as well as all current vendors. The approved vendors will be required to pay a monthly fee which will in return allow them the exclusive privilege to use the group as a tool for marketing their product(s). Posts from non-approved vendors considered as advertising/promoting will be removed.

8) Installers – Installers may have ONE link to a social media page (not website) ACCOMPANIED by a post sharing work they have done, UNLESS they sell products – then it is not allowed under any circumstances. A post for the sake of getting “Likes” to your business page are prohibited. Soliciting likes in the comments section of posts is also prohibited.

These rules may change at any time, especially as new issues arise. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact myself, Rick Vasquez, Jeff Long, or Michelle Spencer. Let’s keep pushing the dip game to new levels smile emoticon