Why is my plasti dip fuzzy? Why does my plasti dip have texture?

More often than not, if your plasti dip is coming out fuzzy or textured, it may be because of the way you are spraying. Plasti dip should be sprayed perpendicular (at a 90 degree angle) and 4-6 inches away from the spraying surface. If you are getting texture, spraying a bit closer may help.

The environment may play a role in how plasti dip comes out as well. You may also need to adjust your spray distance a bit closer in warm/hot weather and a bit further in colder weather. Cold spray cans may also result in plasti dip/cans spraying bubbles or blotchy spots.

Can I make plasti dip shiny?

If you are not a fan of the “matte” or “flat” look, there are ways to spice up plasti dip. You can make it shiny/glossy, satin, or keep it flat. One way to make it glossy is to use the “glossifier” spray which is made by the same company that makes plasti dip.

If you would like a satin finish, often you can mix up a batch of dip consisting of half glossifier and half clear plasti dip which is used as a top coat. There are also many pigments and pearls that can offer metallic or satin finishes as well.

Can I plasti dip my whole car? Will it damage my paint or clear coat?

Boy is this an easy answer, yes! You can plasti dip your whole car! The next part however is where it gets a bit tricky. If your clear coat or paint that is under the dip is smooth, and free of defects, most likely you will not have any problems with residue being left over, discoloration, or pulling of clear coat when you go to remove the plasti dip. Every once in a while there is an isolated case where clear coat or paint gets damaged and the reason may or may not be directly because of the plasti dip.

Do I need a base coat for plasti dip?

A gray base coat is often recommended, especially if you are plasti dipping something white. Some may argue that a clear base coat is a better solution, but it is entirely up to you. If you are using a color that has poor coverage, a clear or gray base may be a good idea considering the lighter colors tend to “droop” or “sag” a bit more than the darker colors.

How many layers/coats of plasti dip do I need for the base coat ?

Most of the time, you will be fine with 2-3 layers of your base color before you can start spraying the color you wished to use.

Can I wash a plasti dipped car? How can I wash a plasti dipped car?

Washing a plasti dipped car may seem like it is a hard task but often it can even be easier than washing a car with paint. Because you have plasti dip on your car and it is far cheaper than paint, you can be slightly more careless when washing. One thing you can do that you shouldn’t do with paint is take a giant brush (found at self wash stations – often referred to as a foam brush) and scrub the living daylight out of your car. If you have enough layers it should withstand the brush. Then all you have to do is rinse it off and spot clean with a towel!

Another way to clean a plasti dipped car is to use dish soap and water mixed in a bucket. A great way to use the dish soap and water method is to compliment it with a sponge that’s not too rough but not too soft either. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of elbow grease if you have to, if the dip is strong enough, it should be able to withstand a good scrubbing.

A last resort would be an automatic car was. Even though many people have had great success driving their plasti dipped cars through an automatic car wash, it may not be the best choice. I personally would not ever even take a painted car through a car wash since the brushes may have small particles stuck to them that may scratch the paint or ruin your dip job if they are big enough. Touch-less car washes should be ok for plasti dipped cars depending on where you get it done.

How much plasti dip do I need?

How much plasti dip do I need?  This again, will depend on your project. If you want to plasti dip a full car and your car is average sized (sedan/coupe), you will most likely need three full gallons of plasti dip. If you are doing more drastic color change such as black to white, you may need 4 gallons. Trucks may take anywhere from 4-8 gallons depending on size. how much plasti dip do i need?

Certain colors will also cover better than others. Usually the lighter/more translucent colors take more coats to get full coverage. White and yellow are examples of colors that may take more dip to achieve the same amount of coverage as say, black or gunmetal.

For other areas on the car, if you are using cans, you may need to estimate the number of cans you will need to plasti dip. For example, if you want to plasti dip a roof, it may take around 3 cans to get solid coverage and you may need one more can just to make sure you will be able to peel it off easier later.

How many coats of plasti dip do I need to apply or put on?

Depending on your ultimate goal, there are different scenarios that require a different amount of coats. For example, if you are plasti dipping a full car, you will most likely need to get around 4-5 coats. If this car is a daily driver, especially if you take frequent highway trips, 6-7 coats may even be a better idea. The less coats you have, the thinner the plasti dip is, and if it is thinner it will be more vulnerable to breaking/cracking/getting holes from projectile rocks or other road debris.

Another benefit to having 4+ coats is that it will be much easier to peel. If you have a very few amount of coats, you will see that the plasti dip may break very easy or rip in smaller pieces which can be a pain to deal with especially on large surfaces such as a roof or hood.

Can you mix two colors of plasti dip?

if you’re wondering about being able to mix two colors of plasti dip together, yes you can. Basically the way to do it is, pour one color into a bucket (this is your base color). Next what you do is pour the second color (right out of the gallon) slowly into the bucket while mixing until you achieve the color you want. That’s all that there really is to it! Enjoy your brand new custom color!

Wagner Control Spay MAX HVLP for plasti dip

People have been using wagners for plasti dipping since dipping first became a thing. Wagners are definitely well built and reliable guns. Although I have not personally tried this gun, I have heard many great reviews of it. I’ve heard people say they have had super smooth and clean finished with it and at $100 on amazon, that’s a hard deal to beat. The only downside I have heard to wagners is that they are slightly hard to clean although I haven’t experienced that myself. If you want to check it out, you can pick one up here with free two day shipping if you’re a prime member: http://amzn.to/14Ma7yc

Earlex 3500 vs Graco 2900 for plasti dip

When it comes to plasti dipping cars, people often cannot chose between the Earlex 3500 and the Graco 2900. Both guns look identical and function almost the same. The only difference I can see is that the Graco 3500 has a 500W motor while the graco has a 450W motor. This probably will not be enough to make or break either purchase. If you are on a budget I highly suggest you pick up the refurbished graco 2900 (usually comes with a brand new gun and a refurbished motor) here: http://amzn.to/WaeKdw  At around 70 bucks, you can’t miss out.  If you have the extra bit of cash laying around and you really want to make sure you get a great deal you can pick up  an Earlex 3500 here for $130: http://amzn.to/VC7bzp I have used both and have no personally seen a difference in the final texture of the plasti dip. Both sprayed silky smooth.