Can you plasti dip over old plasti dip?

One question I get asked all the time is, “Can I plasti dip over exisiting or old plasti dip?” Basically the answer is yes. In *most cases, the new plasti dip will bond to the old plasti dip and later on you will be able to remove all the plasti dip in one giant piece. I have however encountered a scenario in which I dipped my spoiler, added glossifier over it and then sprayed another color over it a few months later and when I went to peel it, the new color only came off leaving the old gloss black. I was however, still able to remove the gloss black plasti dip.

Can I paint over plasti dip

I have not personally tried painting over plasti dip myself, however I have learned from various youtube videos and friends that if you do decide to paint over plasti dip, it will affect the plasti dip’s ability to flex and bend making it much harder to peel off. The plasti dip will still peel off fine, it will just come off in smaller pieces. The last thing you want is to spend hours peeling plasti dip off your rims/wheels when it could have been avoided by not painting over the plasti dip. I have heard success stories of people using water based paints and not having them affect peeling of the plasti dip. I cannot confirm the validity of these tests though, so try at your own risk.

What spray gun should I use for plasti dipping a whole car?

This is the question I get asked the most. The plasti dip gun I use personally for my own car is the Graco 2900. I purchased a refurbished unit from amazon. You can pick it up here: . it’s about $65 before shipping and it seems to be one of the best rated spray guns for plasti dipping. I have used it side by side with the earlex 3500 and have not seen any noticeable differences in spray pattern or smoothness. The gun is flawless and most plasti dip business currently use it as their primary spray gun. If you want the earlex 3500, you can purchase that here: